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  • Calle 12 # 65 - 11, Puente Aranda, Bogotá – Colombia.

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


  • Carrera 65 # 11 - 83, Puente Aranda, Bogotá - Colombia

  • Phone: (+57 1) 307 7070

  • Toll free number: 01 8000 52 7070

  • Legalization line:01 8000 12 3362

About us

We are a government´s commercial and industrial company with more than 50 years of experience. Our mission is to manage the Cesantias and savings of Colombian people and converting them into housing. In order to achieve our goals, we have as an institution, set a series of strategic objectives to be implemented with the proper planning and steps to guarantee a perfect execution on behalf of our clients.


  • Simulate your score.

  • Get and print credit invoices.

  • Get the status of a credit.

  • Get the status of a Cesantías account.

  • Get the Cesantías account statement.

  • Get the balance of a voluntary savings (Ahorro Voluntario).

  • Get the status of the housing loan process.

  • Print the receipt of a voluntary savings (Ahorro Voluntario).

  • Online payment.

Reminder, one can always verify about procedures or credit inquiries by logging into Fondo en Línea. It is necessary for you to have your personal password active. If you don't have it, you can request it by calling us at (571) 3077070.


1. Affiliation by voluntary savings

Sign a contract in which you commit to make deposits of money in Fondo Nacional del Ahorro, in the agreed amount and in regularly spaced intervals, until you accomplish the goal of saving to have access for home loans and financial aid. 

2. Affiliation and/or transfer of Cesantías 

The affiliation will be done by registering with Fondo Nacional del Ahorro, from the date of application the employer deposits the Cesantías  to the FNA. The transfer will be the record in the layoff's individual account

3. Application of Cesantías  to future fees

Means that Fondo Nacional del Ahorro´s client requests his/hers Cesantías  to be applied to the home loans in the arrangement of future fees.

4. Cancellation of mortgage

Means that client cancels the encumbrance granted to Fondo Nacional del Ahorro

5. Home loans by voluntary savings

It is the loan that Fondo Nacional del Ahorro grants to the client for Voluntary Savings for the purchase of housing under the arrangements for new or used housing, construction or improvement of housing and release of the mortgage tax.

6. Housing credit by Cesantías 

It is the loan that Fondo Nacional del Ahorro grants to the client through Cesantías under the arragements for the purchase of new or used home, construction or improvement of housing and release of the mortgage tax.

7. payment agreement

It is the conciliation to achieve normalize the mortgage obligation by paying additional fees to the usual credit fee in a specific period.

8. Legalization of housing financing according to the purpose requested

Means that Fondo Nacional el Ahorro legalizes the approved home loans.

9. Legalization of the Means by which the client legalizes the approved financial aid.

10. Application to the subsidy for the purchase of a house from the voluntary savings account with a pre approved credit assessment

It is an amount of money that is granted only for one time to the client, and this is a complement to the savings and the resources that enable them to acquire new or used house, then Fondo Nacional del Ahorro verifies favorable Credit Assessment.

11. Claim for unemployment insurance

It is the way that client requests to the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro his/hers insurance to make effective the monthly payment of the mortgage.

12. Claim for fire insurance

It is the way that client requests to the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro his/hers insurance to make effective the monthly payment of the mortgage in case of fire.

13. Withdrawal of Cesantías 

The withdrawal of Cesantías  may be for: buying a new or used house, construction or remodeling, release of tax mortgage, buying shares owned by the State, subscriptions to credits FNA of the spouse, or financial aid (tuition or pension). The definitive withdrawal of the redundancies can be done by: work decoupling leaving balance, retirement of the deceased, or transfers to private funds.

14. Debtors group life insurance claim

Measures by which the client requests the protection of the beneficiaries of home loans approved by Fondo Nacional del Ahorro, as long as this user is different from the same debtor on which the credit obligation rests. In all cases, the FNA acquires the quality of the holder and the first beneficiary.

15. Replacement of the good given as guarantee

The means that the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro´s member and successful bidder of home loans can apply for the changing of the mortgage guarantee.

16. Replacement of the debtor

It is the change of the debt holder in case of marital settlement. The new debtor must comply with all requirements requested by the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro.

17. Termination of inflation insurance coverage

It is the ending of the inflation coverage that the client acquired with the Home loans on the first place.

Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019

Taking into account the national financial context related to housing, and the aim of this entity to achieve excellence in management, the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro decided to improve its strategic planning

Consequently, according to the new focus based on quality standards and higher goals, the continuous improvement and the fulfilment of the set objectives can be guaranteed. The new planning appears as a reaction to the promise made to the affiliates, employees, construction companies and government institutions.

This commitment to improve has boosted new skills, allowing the FNA to resist the financial environment and find new paths, adapted to the needs of the clients. All this in order to contribute to the welfare of Colombian people, by transforming the savings into housing for their families.


To contribute to the Colombians welfare, transforming them savings into housing.


Be an efficient and sustainable organization which guarantees quality in their products and services, contributing to the welfare of the members.

Value promises

To our clients: We offer fast access to Housing and Education credits, with the best conditions and market rates.

To the employers: We offer timely assistance for their employees and a permanent support to their life quality improvement, thanks to our programs of credits and savings.

To the building companies: We give them financial competitive conditions and support in their marketing projects, by offering individual Housing credits.

To the government institutions: We support them in the execution of the programs quoted in the Development National Plan, addressed to housing and education.



Acting always based on the truth. Performing the duties with transparency and righteousness, and always favouring the public interest.


Valuing and treating the people in a dignified way, with their virtues and defects, without taking into account their job, origins, title or any other condition.


Being conscious of the role as public servants and be willing to understand and solve the needs of the people that are concerned. The aim is to improve their well-being.


Fulfilling the duties of the job title in the best way, which means reacting to them with attention, promptness, expertise and efficiency, in order to optimize the State resources.


Acting impartially. Assuring the people's rights with equity, equality, and no discrimination.

Passion for the service

Guiding our job and actions towards serving our clients, and satisfying their needs.


Customers – Market (in order to satisfy the needs of our clients)

  • To increase the number of Housing beneficiaries.

  • To increase the number of Education beneficiaries.

  • To boost the saving skills as a strategy to access housing and education.


Innovation and efficiency (in order to seek higher efficiency and effectiveness in the FNA processes)

  • To create business efficiency through efficient processes and the strategic use of technology.

  • Strategic Capital (to optimize the staff management and contribute to the development and rise of productivity and competitiveness).

  • To fully restructure the staff.

  • To socialize in a unified manner the strategic redirection to all the FNA staff.

  • To redesign and introduce a selection policy, adapted to the business needs.

  • To count on public employees with the appropriate skills, fitting the profile of each position and its financial work  (to guarantee the FNA financial sustainability)

  • To guarantee the financial sustainability, based on a proper profitability.


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