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​Strategic Plan 2015-2019

​​​​​​​​Higher Pur​pose

In the FNA we make Colombian people dreams a reality, generating progress and improving their quality of life.


In 2019, FNA will be an organization with real service vocation and an outstanding performance, giving their clients the realization of their dreams and generating value for the country.


Excellence in service

The entire organization must be focused on providing the best service to their internal and external clients.


FNA must seek permanently new ways to satisfy the needs of their clients, innovating in products, processes, channels and technological tools.

Continuous improvement

As part of the pursuit of excellence in service, FNA must promote the assessment and permanently improvement of its work.

Social responsibility

The role of FNA in the progress generation and the improvement of the quality of life for Colombians should be permanent motivation of all its people​.

FNA strategy is supported by five pillars


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