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About FNA

FNA (Fondo Nacional Del Ahorro/National Savings Fund)

"We are driven by your dreams"

Who are we?

We are a commercial and industrial government company with more than 50 years of experience in Colombia. Our goal is to effectively manage severance and savings funds (social program benefit) from Colombian employees, enabling them to acquire a home.


Contribute to the well-being of Colombian citizens by transforming their savings and severance investments into housing.


Be an efficient and sustainable company that delivers quality products and services contributing to the well-being of its affiliates.

Value Promise

To our affiliates: enable effortless access to housing loans with great conditions and some of the best rates in the market.

To employers: improve their employees' well-being through reliable credit and savings programs.

Benefits of being affiliated with FNA:

  • Multiple investment options. Mortgage loan in order to acquire a new or used home, build on your own lot or execute home improvement plans in your property.

  • Access to diverse mortgage portfolio purchasing options.

  • No charges related to funds management or withdrawals.

  • Severance payment invested will never lose value over time.

  • Personalized assistance for affiliates and employers.

Affiliation with FNA enables access to different products and services:

Housing Loan ("Crédito de Vivienda"): Main financial product of our company which helps many Colombians to fulfill their dream of owning a home. This product allows acquisition or construction of desired property through a long-term loan.


  • Credit in Colombian pesos or UVR (real value unit).

  • Terms from 5 up to 30 years.

  • New or used housing.

  • National coverage.

  • Individual or joint loans.

Housing Lease ("Leasing Habitacional"):  contract whereby one party (FNA) delivers to another party (affiliate/lessee) a property intended for housing. As part of lease agreement, affiliate will pay a periodic fee for an agreed term. As agreement expires, property can be returned to FNA or transferred to the affiliate if he/she decides to exercise the purchase option.

There are two types of housing leases, both of which are intended for housing purposes only:

  • Family property: housing intended for use and enjoyment of a family.

  • Non family property: housing for real estate investment. It can be subleased as long as there is authorization from FNA.


  • Lower financial cost (preferential rate).

  • During housing lease term, FNA is the property owner while affiliate is the capital contributions owner. Once lease is paid off, affiliate can execute purchase option and property ownership can be transferred.

  • Only purchase and sale deed expenses are paid (mortgage expenses do not apply). 

  • Option to change property before agreed term. Simple process to re-assign housing lease contract and save deed expenses.

  • Possibility of acquisition option which can improve cash flow.

  • Free of liens on behalf of the tenant.

FNA Generation ("Generación FNA"): Housing credit line with special benefits for Colombians from 18 to 28 years old. Available for current and new FNA affiliates.


  • Financing is increased from 80% to 90% (down payment reduced to 10%).

  • It is financed in Colombian pesos and UVR (real value unit).

  • Official credit rate reduced by 0.7%.

  • Two members may apply for joint loan if both meet age requirements.

  • Affiliation, credit simulators, and loan pre-approvals are offered through digital channels.

Colombians living Abroad ("Colombianos en el Exterior"): This is a commercial initiative which gives Colombians living abroad the opportunity to purchase a home in Colombia.


  • Colombians can access housing loans regardless of immigration status.

  • All procedures can be done online.

  • Credit payments and savings managed from abroad.

  • Competitive interest rates.

  • No attorney needed for credit approval.

  • Total or partial prepayments without penalties.

  • Income validation agreements with 56 countries linked to the program.

Contact Us: 

- Internet: www.fna.gov.co

- Phone: (+57 1) 3077070



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